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Deep Adaptive Intelligence

Imagine making decisions with perfect foresight

Bold provides Deep Adaptive Intelligence
for National Security and corporate organizations
to make risk-and opportunity-related decisions
with confidence.

​Engineered especially to serve multi-data driven intelligence and built upon the unique behavioral characteristics of the human brain, Bold continuously adapts to new data as it is created by people, organizations and Bold’s unique intelligence data enrichment to automagically highlight the most significant and subtle signs of risk and opportunity previously undetected by man or machine.


Our approach to Intelligence

The only way to precisely cut through the data chaos to the most significant risks and opportunities is with Deep Adaptive Intelligence across data sources.


Integrating data collected by the organization and unique data enrichments.


Bold’s central intelligence brain leverages data, in multiple structured and unstructured forms, across key dimensions of time, place, content, and entity.


Multiple applications automagically discover and prioritize entities, relationships, and behaviors associated with risks and opportunities, even before leading questions are asked.

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